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company news about Optimization of ACDC Leakage Sensor

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Company News
Optimization of ACDC Leakage Sensor
Latest company news about Optimization of ACDC Leakage Sensor

In recent years, words such as new energy vehicles, EVs, and charging piles have frequently appeared on everyone's screens. The rise of the new energy automobile industry has brought earth-shaking changes to the production and development of the world. Automobiles powered by new energy sources will be the main force in the global automobile industry. With the rapid development of the EV industry, it has also led to the rapid development of the related accessories industry of new energy vehicle charging piles, such as an indispensable accessory in the charging pile: ACDC leakage sensor. It is worth noting that not only the automobile industry is developing, but the ACDC leakage sensor is also being optimized.


So what is an ACDC leakage current sensor? We have mentioned before: ACDC leakage current sensor is a kind of AC micro-current, DC micro-current to be measured into DC current, DC voltage and isolation according to the working principle of transformer electromagnetic isolation and magnetic modulation. A device that outputs standard analog signals or digital signals. For example, our ACDC leakage sensor MD0630T01A, its function is constantly being optimized, among which I have to mention the optimization of UART (TTL-level).Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter, usually called UART. It converts the data to be transmitted between serial communication and parallel communication. As a chip that converts parallel input signals into serial output signals, UART is usually integrated on the link of other communication interfaces. These features make the ACDC leakage sensor function greatly improved.


For the optimization of the leakage sensor application process, our leakage sensor has three installation methods, which correspond to the different needs of different international customers in the application process of the leakage sensor. For example, for the requirements of SMD-Footpoint, that is, what the customer needs is a horizontal leakage sensor, which corresponds to the leakage sensor installed in our cable. For vertical leakage sensors, our leakage sensors with pin headers and pin headers plus cable installation methods can meet the requirements.


The development of new energy electric vehicles is unstoppable, and the development of new energy is also of great significance to the sustainable development of the earth, and of course the leakage sensor is constantly optimized. Again, we are not only living in the present, but also looking to the future, and we are committed to making new energy electric vehicle charging pile accessories play a more important role! If you want to know more about ACDC leakage sensor, you can visit our website: www.ivy-metering.com

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